How to Clean and Care for Your Bartender Kit

We at Hawke & Hanley pride ourselves on the quality of our products. That’s why our bartender kit and mixology sets are manufactured to the highest standards, using premium materials and industry leading quality control to ensure a professional pour every time.

Whilst our products are built on a solid foundation there are a few things you can do to extend the longevity of your bar kit.

Cleaning Your Bartender Kit

Our mixology set is made from food grade 304 stainless steel. As such it’s highly durable and rust proof so it can be washed without worry.

Please clean your bar set throughly after each use with warm water and a little detergent to keep it in top condition. It’s better to use a sponge rather than a scourer so the surface of the metal doesn’t scratch. Whilst our bar kits don’t scratch easily repeated abrasion will, of course, wear them down over time. You don’t need to be too gentle - just avoid any unnecessary scraping and scratching.

Is the Bartender Kit Dishwasher safe?

All of our mixology bartender kits have been tested in industry standard dishwashers - the same kind you likely have at home, with no issues. However whilst they’re dishwasher safe we do still recommend hand washing for a number of reasons.

First, not all dishwashers are created equally. There are temperature variances and other factors that can affect the quality of the clean.

More importantly though, dishwashers aren’t very good at getting in nooks and crannies. The jigger, cocktail shaker and liquor pourer components of our bar set in particular fare much better when cleaned by hand.

Hawke & Hanley gunmetal black bartender kit in a black bamboo stand

Dry After Washing

Drying all of the pieces with a kitchen towel or tissue after washing is essential for getting rid of any residue. After all, no one likes soapy tasting cocktails!

Proper Storage

All of our bar kits come with a handy bamboo stand for storage, so you can keep all of the cocktail making tools together in style and leave your kitchen or home bar clutter free.

The bamboo stand is made from thick, durable bamboo so it’s built to last. You don’t need to wash it every time you use your bartender kit. Just make sure all the cocktail tools are dried properly before putting them back in their stand to stop the stand from getting too wet.

If you notice your stand getting a bit dusty, give it some love and wipe it with a damp cloth before drying it with a kitchen towel or tissue. That way you can keep your entire set looking its best.

A man using the bar set, pouring a cocktail into a glass

In Summary

Our bartender kit is part utility tool, part decorative piece. We’ve designed and made it not only to look good, but also with durability in mind. It’s not fragile and can withstand all of the day to day use of mixing and shaking delicious cocktails. Taking a few small steps to care for and maintain your bar kit, though, will help you to get the best out of it and enjoy its use for years to come.

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