The 10 Best Mixers for Vodka

Vodka is one of the most popular spirits and features in many classic cocktails - from the Cosmo to the White Russian. It’s a versatile liquor with a neutral flavor, and a good quality vodka can even be sipped on its own. Sometimes, though, you just want a simple mixed drink on a lazy Sunday afternoon or after a hard day at work. So, what are the best vodka mixers to give you a tasty drinking experience?

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The Base: Choosing a Quality Vodka

The mixer is only half the equation. You need a high quality vodka as a base to your drink. I’m a particular fan of Kirkland Signature American vodka as it’s one of the smoothest I’ve ever tried. Vodka is a neutral liquor, so you’ll be getting most of the flavors from your mixer anyway. Otherwise you can stick with something like Smirnoff for that classic Russian vodka taste.

The Top 10 Mixers for Vodka

As it lacks the more pronounced flavors of other liquors such as rum, vodka lends itself really well to being mixed with all sorts of drinks. Its versatility is a strength and is probably what makes it one of the most consumed spirits in the world.

Soda Water

Sometimes simplicity wins. Soda water is the MVP when you want to enjoy vodka's clean taste. It's perfect for a light, refreshing vodka soda, allowing the spirit's subtle flavors to shine through. Add a dash of lime for a vodka lime soda, giving this mixer a little more personality.

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Cranberry Juice

I can’t not put this one on the list. Cranberry juice is without a doubt one of the best mixers for vodka. Who can argue with the classic Cosmopolitan? If you’re feeling lazy or don’t have the time, skip the extra steps and have a simple glass of vodka and cranberry. It tastes almost as good.

Orange Juice

Adding a couple of ounces of vodka to your orange juice in the morning certainly makes for an interesting breakfast. OJ’s natural sweetness and citrus flavor makes it a great mixer for a smooth vodka. I always go for freshly squeezed rather than from concentrate - the difference is night and day. You could try blood orange juice if you want something a bit different.

Tonic Water

If you love a Vodka Tonic, you know the magic of this combo. Tonic's slightly bitter flavor complements vodka beautifully. Just add a splash of lime or lemon if you need a little more flavor.

Lemon-Lime Soda

For a bubbly and sweet touch, lemon-lime soda is a great choice. It makes a light and thirst-quenching drink, perfect for a hot day. If you want to go full-citrus you could even use a citron vodka to get an even stronger lemon-lime taste.

Tomato Juice

Bloody Mary, anyone? Tomato juice creates a savory and rich cocktail, perfect for brunch or an evening pick-me-up. The trick is in the seasoning – don't be shy with the Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce!

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Ginger Beer

Spice up your vodka with some ginger beer. Think of the classic Moscow Mule – the spicy kick of ginger beer mixed with vodka and a dash of lime juice is a combination that never gets old.


Lemonade is a fantastic vodka mixer. It's a balance of sweet and tart, making for a refreshing and tasty drink. Not all lemonades are created equal, though. I’m a particular fan of sour cloudy lemonade.

Iced Tea

Mixing vodka with iced tea might sound unconventional, but trust me, it's a game-changer. It creates a drink that's refreshing with a subtle depth – perfect for a lazy afternoon.

Match Your Garnish

I get it: sometimes you just want a “quick and dirty” vodka mixer drink to unwind after a long day. Going that extra mile, though, and adding a garnish can really elevate your drink.

Take inspiration from your mixer. Soda and tonic both go well with a slice of lemon or cucumber. Orange juice with a slice of orange. Tomato juice goes great with celery or lemon. Give your drink a little love and add a garnish.

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